Russ McDonald

This has been a year of many losses in the field of the Arts and just today an email reached my inbox sharing the news of the passing of Prof Russ McDonald. This is really saddening in itself but it has particularly affected me since for a very strange coincidence my intention this morning was to… Read More Russ McDonald

‘Shakespeare’s Language’ by Frank Kermode

Kermode’s Shakespeare’s Language published in 2000 remains, 16 years on, one of the staple texts dealing with Shakespeare’s dramatic verse. Written for a general readership familiar with the texts, Kermode argues that, ‘The life of the play is in the language’ and carries out a meticulous analysis of recurrent linguistic features in the plays that may baffle contemporary readers and audiences and which, he claims, probably had a quite similar effect on Elizabethan theatre-goes… Read More ‘Shakespeare’s Language’ by Frank Kermode