12193727_10153225038407844_1065636312937874190_nI am a lecturer, researcher, and teacher educator. My research interests lie in the fields of teaching English literature and language, the history of English and teacher education. Within these fields, my research projects investigate the dialogical interactions between readers and texts, the place of imagination in teaching and learning, and the roles of fiction reading in the process of language acquisition. In the area of literary studies, my main interests are in Shakespeare, the Romantics, and Tolkien.

I am a Higher Education Academy Senior Fellow (SFHEA) and I currently work at the University of Leicester.

In this blog I write short notes on the books I read or have read in the past but that are still very influential in my personal and professional life.I also collect here articles that I find interesting, relevant and/or inspiring.

This blog also serves as place where I save links that I find useful for my teaching and research  as well as a place where I keep my library records. I hope these can also be useful to my readers as suggestions for further reading.